Pregnancy massage  is a special massage therapy for pregnant women, through the massage process to  help reduce muscle tension and bring relaxation to pregnant women.

Benefits of weekly maternity massage

1. Enhance the elimination of toxins from the body:

Massage for pregnant women helps the blood system and lymphatic system in the body circulate better to help eliminate toxins better. At the same time, massage also increases the amount of oxygen in the blood for pregnant women.

2. Promote mother’s health:

Pregnant women can consult with doctors or experienced massage technicians to be able to perform regular massages for pregnant women during pregnancy according to each stage of pregnancy development will contribute to improving health and reducing pain during the clinical and winter period. standard physique after birth .

3. For fetuses:

Massage also directly affects the fetus, helping him relax, making him sleep better. Studies have proven that pregnant women with regular massage will help the fetus gain more weight and the process of becoming pregnant is also faster.

4. Reduce swelling and reduce edema:

During pregnancy, pregnant women often have edema due to the weight of the uterus causing pressure, so the blood vessels reduce blood circulation in the body . Massage helps stimulate soft tissues for better blood circulation which contributes to reducing edema for pregnant women.

5. Reduce stress, depression:

Massage contributes to reducing anxiety, reducing symptoms for pregnant women through various massage techniques.reducing stress enhances lymphatic circulation and blood circulation better, helps pregnant women sleep easier and deeper.