Hoi An Sun Spa Signature is a special massage package at Hoi An Sun Yoga & Spa Academy, the massage package includes a comprehensive combination  of 3 forms of massage in one course, including:  body massage, hotstone massage and aroma massage. This will bring the best effect  to you.

Through this massage therapy, will create an excellent effect on the nervous system, bones and joints, blood circulation.  The massage process will support the production of  Happy Hormones that will help your mind relax and be completely relaxed at the end of the massage process.

Benefits of experiencing Hoi An Sun spa signature massage

Reduce stress

Massage techniques press and gently stretch to muscle areas, acupuncture points to help reduce stiffness, relax muscles and relax the surface of the skin, stimulating blood circulation throughout the body. At the same time, these effects also stimulate the receptor nerves under the skin, increase blood circulation to help soothe the spirit, dispel stress and fatigue and pressure in life.

Energy booster

The flow of energy in the body will be regenerated and produced more after combining the most special massage therapies in one course

Helps relieve headaches, stress

The massage process will help the  organs on the body will help increase blood circulation to the brain and organs of the nervous system. As a result, headaches quickly dissipate, preventing headaches and migraines caused by anemia to the brain.

Promotes blood circulation

With the effects of massage, hot stones and aromas on the body, blood vessels and  acupuncture points will help blood vessels dilate, thereby promoting blood circulation to the limbs and organs of the body. This also helps oxygen and nutrients to be transported to the organs easily to nourish the body.

Improves the mobility of the limbs

Slow, gentle stretching movements will help increase flexibility and elasticity for muscles and joints. At the same time, it also stimulates the joints to secrete lubricating oily fluid to help prevent osteochondrosis, improve mobility in the limbs.