The hot stone used in Body Massage is a hot stone derived from lava, which has the property of retaining high heat. This stone is mined, smoothed with many different sizes to easily manipulate to increase the best interaction with the skin, easily exerting heat transfer on the body. Along with natural essential oils, heat from hot stones helps to expand tissues, muscles relieve muscle tension, squeeze nerves to help relax muscle tissues, reduce fatigue. In addition, hot stones are also infused into acupuncture points to help heat the body, enhance blood circulation to help regenerate and rejuvenate the body.

Benefits and effects of Hotstone massage therapy

The Hotstone Massage method  brings many benefits, specifically as follows:

Help sleep well, reduce symptoms of insomnia: Hot stone massage clears acupuncture points, enhances blood circulation, helps the body relax and be healthy, bringing deep and good sleep.

Helps reduce stress, fatigue, psychological balance: The heat impulses from hot stones have the effect of reducing muscles, relieving stress, fatigue to balance the mind.

Enhances blood circulation: dilates blood vessels under the skin, enhances blood circulation in the body.

Youthful skin: for women, hot stone massage makes chestnut skin smoother and brighter. Under the heat pulses of lava rocks, it helps to dissolve excess fat tissue and excrete through the skin by excretion to help women have youthful and healthy skin.