The process of formation and development

Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy, is a special partner for the Vietnam Healthy Living Yoga Academy system, a member unit of the Vietnam Yoga Federation and the International Yoga Alliance. The member institutes cover all provinces and cities in Vietnam, so Sun Yoga & Spa Academy is one of the special affiliates that receive the best quintessence from the system of leading units in the world. nationwide.

Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy, started to form and laid the foundation in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province from 2019, officially came into operation in 2020.

Up to now, the academy is proud to be the first unit, leading in research, training, and providing a team of professional yoga instructors to society. In addition, the academy also participates in teaching yoga to the community with the largest number of students enrolled in Hoi An city today.

Currently, Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy is proud to be a strategic partner of major Yoga Institutes across the territory of Vietnam, which gathers a team of leading yoga experts nationwide, affirming the quality of the whole world. representation, prestige, class and professionalism.

Operation philosophy

Towards sustainable development, Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy always sets forth philosophies in its activities: (1) Students are the center. (2) People are priceless assets. (3) Cooperation for sustainable development. (3)Responsibility to the community


Improving the health of the community is the mission of Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy. Through the values accumulated from yoga thousands of years ago, we always try and make unremitting efforts to spread the best value of yoga to our students, partners and make positive contributions to the community. community development.

Strategic goals and vision

As the leading Institute in Hoi An city and Quang Nam province in the field of yoga.

Short-term goal to 2023, Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy continues to strive to implement the plan of “spreading, affirming the brand value to reach the national level”. The unit providing leading yoga values for the community and international tourists in Hoi An in general and Quang Nam in particular and neighboring provinces.

In 2025, maintaining the national brand foundation “affirming the brand value to reach the international level for tourism customers”

By 2030, develop to become the most professional, sustainable eco-system yoga unit serving the diverse needs of domestic and international customers throughout Vietnam and around the world.