Established on November 2, 2016 according to Decision No

3959/QD – BNV of the Ministry of Home Affairs with the goal of “bringing a healthy life to everyone in society. Improving the level of yoga profession”

Vietnam Yoga Federation, is a social and professional organization, operating on the basis of compliance with the provisions of the law, under the management of the State and the Ministry of Home Affairs in the field of yoga of the Federation in Vietnam. .

Currently, Mr. Vu Trong Loi, former Director of the Department of Mass Physical Education and Sports under the General Department of Physical Education and Sports is elected as Honorary Chairman.

Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy is an associate partner with prestigious Institutes in Vietnam under the Union. In which, Vietnam Yoga Institute is a special partner and one of the major members of the Vietnam Yoga Federation.



Sun Yoga & Spa Hoi An Institute with the goal of becoming a leading unit in yoga research and teaching in Hoi An for Vietnamese and international students, therefore, Sun Yoga & Spa Hoi An Academy always choose to cooperate with the strongest partners, in order to bring the best yoga value to our students. In which YOGA ACADEMY LIVES HEALTHY – SPECIAL LINK PARTNER OF SUN YOGA Academy & HOI AN SPA

Healthy Living Yoga Academy, a unit under the Vietnam Yoga Federation, was established in 2013, founded by Ms. Vu Hong Yen, graduated valedictorian of Hanoi University of Physical Education and Sports, owns 3 a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree in Yoga. Currently Vice President of Asian Yogasana Sports Federation; Director of International Yoga Alliance in Vietnam (SYI); Deputy Head of Communication and Membership Development Department at Vietnam Yoga Federation; General Director of Yoga Institute of Healthy Living, Deputy Organizing Committee of Miss Yoga VN; Yoga festival in Ninh Binh 2019 Vice President of Yoga festival 2020 in Thanh Hoa.

Healthy Living Yoga Academy is an important partner with Sun Yoga Institute & Spa, in addition, the Academy is a strategic cooperation partner of the International Yoga Alliance (SYI) and the Asian Yogasana Federation. Being a pioneer in bringing Vietnamese Yoga to the international arena, opening a journey of sustainable cooperation and long-term development.

Currently, the academy has spread and developed over 25 branches in many big cities and provinces across the country. The academy’s headquarters is located at Vin Home Ocean Park Hanoi. Healthy Living Yoga Academy is an organization of the Vietnam Yoga Federation, which once hosted the 2018 Yoga Festival in Ninh Binh. Organized many training courses for certification of Vietnam Yoga Federation. Over the years, the Healthy Living Yoga Academy has achieved certain achievements and has organized more than 70 training courses for Yoga instructors across the country.

Being a strategic partner of 3 prestigious universities. Hanoi University of Sport, Danang University of Sport and Sports, Hong Bang International University

With more than 9 years of sustainable operation, up to now, Healthy Living Yoga Academy is proud to affirm its brand as the number 1 yoga coach training unit in Vietnam, a pioneer in the journey of bringing Yoga to integrate in the international arena. economy, leading in the movement of socializing Yoga with the “Yoga Love Community” with more than 10,000 members.

Complete the mission: “For a flourishing Vietnamese Yoga and for a Healthy Living Yoga Institute to bring happiness and health to everyone”. We are determined to bring out the best in the yoga community by enhancing the quality of our instructors with continuing education courses and it’s great that during this time we have successfully built this program. Internationally certified yoga instructor training program  with direct guidance from Asia’s leading Masters and leading doctors in the fields of traditional medicine and sports medicine.

UPGRADING LEVEL – ASSESSING VALUES is our motto. If you are a Yoga instructor, then this is really a great opportunity to take a big step forward in your career path because what we bring is exactly the necessary things, the factors that bring you the best. long-term orientation

Healthy Living Yoga Academy – a prestigious and quality training place that connects Vietnamese Yoga with the World!