+ Yoga Instructor at Hoi An Sun Yoga and spa Academy

+ Yoga Therapy Coach

+ Advanced Yoga Instructor

“Yoga is a light that, once lit, never goes out. The better you practice, the brighter the flame will be.”

Perhaps everyone will have to utter a sentence that “Yoga has changed my life a lot” when people come to Yoga, love Yoga and I am no exception!

I come to yoga as a solution to find balance for myself. Thanks to Yoga, I have regained balance in my life with so many chaos and worries. Every day that passes, I feel my body again. I changed a little more, in a very positive way…I feel my mind is more peaceful and mature thanks to Yoga!

I hope I will have the opportunity to bring health, peace and positive thinking to everyone!

Finally, I wish everyone peace and energy every day. Namaste!