Born in 1991, Hoang Hiep is one of the young directors who laid the first foundation in the chain’s development when registering to establish the Yoga Institute in Tuyen Quang. With passion, enthusiasm and all the love for the development and foundation of yoga. In 2020 and 2021, Hoang Hiep has made Yoga Institute in Tuyen Quang one of the largest in the region

With the mindset of “Coming to yoga, all good things will come to you”. Hoang Hiep always connects and spreads the great value of yoga to all parts of the community. In 2021, Hoang Hiep officially established a “strategic partnership” relationship with Sun Yoga Academy & Spa Hoi An and co-implemented the Project of Bringing Yoga Into Tourism to reach a greater value of yoga in Vietnam. Nam and the International School, thereby realizing the goals of both co-implementation units.