Proper nutrition for yoga practitioners

Yoga is a practice that develops the body in a comprehensive way, both physically and mentally. However, to get the expected results, it is necessary to have a reasonable diet for yoga practitioners. So how to eat for science? To have a beautiful body with an energetic body, practice yoga now. Today, the Healthy Living Yoga Academy will provide some useful information on the principles of eating when practicing yoga to support better practice.


Reasonable nutrition is sufficient in both quantity and quality, in which nutritional sources must ensure food hygiene and safety. In particular, there must be a plan to allocate meals reasonably and in accordance with body weight and intensity of exercise.

This is to ensure that the body is in the best physical state during exercise and recovery. Therefore, the selection of nutritious foods in yoga practice in particular and sports in general must ensure the following principles:

To practice yoga with a healthy and full body, the practitioner needs to pay attention to a reasonable diet:— About 1 hour to 90 minutes before practicing, you should choose underwear to have enough. energy, alertness to perform yoga movements as accurately as possible.—- If you practice in the morning, the nutrition regimen for yoga practitioners at this time must be followed the basic principles. Do not starve, you can eat half a banana first or drink a fruit smoothie. You can choose 1 glass of soy milk or fruit juice to add sugar and calories for your workout if you don’t have time to prepare.

  • Remember not to practice yoga right after eating a full and hearty meal. Because your stomach is full of food, it will make it difficult for you to perform movements that require you to squeeze your stomach or plant a banana tree, bow deeply.
  • After training, it is necessary to have a nutritious meal. This is a well-deserved reward for your body. You can eat 2 fried eggs, lots of green vegetables, tomatoes, fresh fruit or bacon. Should focus on protein-rich foods such as: lean meat, salmon, … to recover and develop muscle.
  • Avoid eating foods that are high in refined sugars such as candy or soft drinks. You should eat naturally sweet fruits to add sugar in moderation. If you want it more delicious, you can use honey instead of sugar.


How much water should I drink? You should drink at least 200ml of water 30 minutes before exercise. If you practice in the evening, make sure to drink 2 liters of water during the day and still have to include 200ml of drinking water 30 minutes before the workout.

If you practice early in the morning, you can drink 200-400ml before exercise. Especially remember not to drink coffee before doing yoga because this is a substance that can make your body dehydrated during the practice. Therefore, you will feel less flexible and quickly thirsty.

After exercising, you can drink 1 to 2 glasses of electrolyte water or coconut water. These two drinks will help your muscles begin to relax, compensate for the lost energy, reduce headaches and muscle pain.

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