Restore and relax your body with meditation

Meditation is a growing movement around the world. It has become a trend and a trend that many people are interested in. Famous artists write books about it. Movie stars share about it. Many Western spiritual masters also spread the word about it. Balance is something that people talk about and meditation is the way to achieve this.

As stress builds up in our bodies, we begin to feel sick and tired. Our emotions become abnormal and our minds are filled with fear and negative thoughts. This mind-body connection has been discovered, and since then, many medical experts have advised people to reduce stress as a way to ward off many diseases.

According to mental health research, intense feelings of anxiety and stress can cause a nervous breakdown. Nerves are not actually broken, but it is a signal that they need to rest and restore when the body becomes unbalanced.

So how do we restore the body?

Closing your eyes and limiting your sensory input is the first thing you should do to slow things down. Deep breathing, combined with a meditation exercise, will reduce the frequency of brain waves, causing the organs in our body to slow down and from there the mind can easily enter a state of higher concentration.

We can think of the brain as a generator and receiver of electrical signals. Like a radio, it works on different channels, but only captures one channel at a time. Alpha waves were the first to be detected by scientists because of their slower and stronger signals. A person meditating, if connected to a brainwave frequency meter, we will see that it will register alpha or theta waves depending on how focused his mind is while meditating.

Meditation, due to its positive effects in reducing stress, is being considered as part of the treatment of a growing number of diseases of people both at the physical or mental, psychological, emotional levels. .

Restoring the body is not only necessary when we go beyond the limits. Balance also needs to be established because something is missing in our lives. Meditation can fill a spiritual void where we cannot find purpose, meaning, peace, and love. When we shift our awareness from our physical bodies to mental stability and silence in our thoughts, what remains? The answer to that question was sought by ancient philosophers and many spiritual masters and tried to use words to describe things that could not be expressed in words. But most of all, we still have to experience it for ourselves.

There are many types of meditation to choose from. They all lead to the same destination, which is inner peace. Finding something that fits our lifestyle is just as important to our health as exercising every day. When mind and body are connected, we can balance our inner world and outer affairs.

Sitting in silence can become a battle, in Buddhist parlance. The human mind is likened to monkeys jumping from branch to branch (“heart of the horse”), disrupting our inner peace. A great way to start meditating is to find a guide. There are many benefits to this, and the most experienced meditators will give specific instructions, guiding us gently into that peaceful place effectively.

By focusing on a spiritual image or a mantra, or the breath, we enter a state where we are no longer aware of our physical existence, nor generate thoughts… All that remains is peace.

When meditating, put aside the layers of thoughts that arise continuously until the mind becomes still, you will feel the self within you. This is not as boring as many people think. Meditation can also be fun, just like when you play a sport you love. Meditation is a time when you can actively regulate your inner tension and happiness. It doesn’t matter if we are sleep deprived and fall into a lethargic state during meditation, because the subconscious mind never sleeps, so you will still get the benefits of going deeper. break your mind. Our souls will gradually be nourished. That is something that few people do when the mind is not really awake.

Meditate to find endless happiness when you discover that peace is right within you. It is the easiest way for us to restore and balance our body and mind to live a happier life.


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